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May 10, 2019

IMD International Search Group Conference in Paris Takes a Different View on Leadership and Innovation

May 10, 2019

IMD International Search Group Distinguishes two Member Executive Search Firms

IMD International Search Group Partners handed out two awards during the Annual General Assembly that took place recently in Paris (April 25-27).
August 24, 2019
Mexico Recruiters

Recruiting in Mexico: Challenge Solved

For many international organizations, including many companies from the United States, recruiting in Mexico is a challenge that involves dealing with a black box. In some […]
February 28, 2020

Lo que debes saber sobre firmas de reclutamiento ejecutivo

Muchas empresas utilizan los servicios de firmas de reclutadores ejecutivos, o heaedhunters, para sus puestos clave. Es conveniente saber quienes son, y cómo funcionan, independientemente de tu situación laboral actual. El peor momento para intentar crear y desarrollar una relación con un reclutador es cuando ya estas en la necesidad de conseguir trabajo.
March 17, 2020

Let’s work remotely! But First, Read This

Working remotely is not about being tech-savvy or having the right tools. It's about being effective as a team when we are not in the same building. It's about achieving communication and coordination without being in front of each other. Most importantly, it's about the clarity of expectations and accountability so we can make independent decisions and judgments.