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Jose J. Ruiz

February 11, 2020
Job Interview Recruiter

How should you prepare for a successful job interview?

Being interviewed for a new job by a recruiter is always exciting and terrifying at the same time. Depending on the type of job, an interviewer can focus on the technical skills or the personality elements.
February 11, 2020
Toyota manufacturing in Mexico

Toyota opens a second manufacturing plant in Mexico

Toyota has invested over 700 million dollars in opening a new plant in Mexico to support its vehicle manufacturing.
February 6, 2020

El consejero y la seguridad cibernética

Es momento de que los consejeros tomen muy en serio la seguridad cibernética. No se puede delegar el riesgo y no deben basarse solamente en los reportes de los ejecutivos de TI.
January 31, 2020

Dos formas probadas de manejar las emociones negativas

Cuando sea que hagas algo, sea bueno o malo, existen cuatro tipos de reacciones negativas de las personas a tu alrededor. Ellas son: tranquilizar, culpar, razonar y distraer.
January 28, 2020
Managing Conflict in Mexico

Managing Conflicts in Mexico

Conflicts should not be feared; it should be managed. It is the presence of disagreements or differences. Thus, as long as human beings are different from one another, we will always have conflicts. However, having conflicts does not mean we should be violent and loud. We can have differences peacefully through mature conflict resolutions.
January 28, 2020
Executive Recruitment

Short, Mid, and Long-Term Career Management

To be a successful executive, managing your career well is imperative. While many executives rely on their employers to manage theirs, taking charge of your own future should be done strategically. You’d need a well-kept record of measurable milestones and goals. You’d also need to continuously upgrading skills and updating knowledge and information.
January 28, 2020
Authentic Leadership Recruiters

Seven Tips for Leaving a Job with Grace and Positivity

After telling your boss that you are leaving the position, it is an opportunity to build a bridge with a lot of grace and positivity. Leaving for a job elsewhere should not be the end of good relationships with former bosses and colleagues. The key is being graceful and positive.
January 28, 2020
Authentic Leadership Recruiters

Myths and Facts of Being an Authentic Leader

A true leader is authentic. It is the highest standard in leadership, which requires an open mind and the ability to cope with moving beyond the comfort zone. In general, being an authentic leader refers to being true to one’s self and values, while maintaining a strong coherence between what one thinks, feels, and does.
January 28, 2020
Recruiters in Mexico

Leading an Offshore Team in Mexico

Every culture has its leadership and communication styles. American managers who are considering to lead an offshore team in Mexico should understand the differences between US and Mexican styles and cultures. While there are universal values that apply to most, if not all cultures, such as honesty, friendliness, and dedication, recognizing the unique nuances would help in a long-term working relationship.